The Gallery

Since 1974, Four Winds Gallery has featured the finest in Native American art. Presenting works of unparalleled range and quality, we have fostered a connection between Native artists and audiences in Pittsburgh and throughout the world. Today, Four Winds is regarded as one of the foremost Native American galleries, dedicated to the presentation of rare historic material as well as to the art of innovative, contemporary artists.

We purchase collections, whole and in part, and offer appraisals, evaluations, and guidance.

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The Work of Jesse Robbins

Jesse Robbins is an up and coming Creek artist working in the style of early Navajo jewelry. He has a great understanding of his craft which he honors through his use of traditional methods and materials.



Since the gallery's inception, we have been especially drawn to the rich ceramic heritage of the Pueblo people. We represent award-winning contemporary potters as well as the ceramics of the 20th century masters, including Nampeyo, Maria Martinez, Margaret Tafoya, and Lucy Lewis. From the mid-19th century onward, pottery became a mainstay in the culture and economy of most of the Pueblos. We search out exceptional early examples of these exquisite and rare ceramics to showcase in the gallery.

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Four Winds Gallery blog is a way to share information about our gallery, the history and processes of the items we carry and to offer a deeper understanding of this remarkable work.

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