Sea Otter Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace


Sea Otter with Baby Pin/Pendant by Denise Wallace

Renowned Chugach Aleut artist Denise Wallace creates this sea otter shaped pin/pendant cupping a fossil ivory baby otter. The central design contains a human spirit of a woman with scrimshaw etched fossil ivory face in fancy parka composed of chrysoprase, turquoise, sugilite and lapis lazuli. The female body including silver arms and legs is framed in 14k gold. This otter design is number 4 from a limited edition series of 5. Similar designs from this period of Denise’s work can be seen on pages 138-140 of Arctic Transformations: The Jewelry of Denise & Samuel Wallace by Lois Sherr Dubin. Denise explains, "This piece also represents a transformation. The female sea otters carry their babies on their bellies as shown in this piece. Our stories tell that the sea otter was actually human at one time."

2 ⅞” by 1 1116
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Sea Otter Pin/Pendant
Denise Wallace