Jesse Robbins Coin Silver Squash Blossom Pendant on Leather


Jesse Robbins Coin Silver Naja Pendant on Leather
This traditional Navajo coin silver squash blossom pendant with natural turquoise is placed on a leather necklace with an adjustable lariat style silver bead. In this unique pendant the turquoise has a hole drilled through it, marking it as a repurposed bead from a necklace; a common practice in Native American jewelry. The use of coin silver is a trademark in Jesse Robbins work, and gives his jewelry a vintage appeal.

17" leather strap
2.5" length of pendant

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Coin Silver
Coin silver is a term used to refer to the alloy that resulted when pre-1965 US silver coins were melted down to reuse in jewelry making. Early Native American craftsman made jewelry directly from the coins, heating the coins in a fire pit or forge and hammering them into shape.

The Squash Blossom Symbol
- Squash blossom beads and/or pendants originate from an interpretation of the pomegranate-shaped buttons worn on the pants of the Spanish. In truth, this symbol was possibly misnamed by a trader whom thought they looked like squash blossoms. Squash blossom necklaces represent an integration of cultures and continue to be an important design in Native American jewelry.

Coin Silver Squash Blossom Pendant on Leather
Jesse Robbins