Number Eight Turquoise Three Strand Nugget Necklace


Number Eight Turquoise Three Strand Nugget Necklace
This polished three strand nugget necklace is coming from the Sue DiMaio Collection. Circa 1950's, it is a stunning display of the coveted Number Eight turquoise strung with durable nylon cord and secured with a decorated sterling silver hook and eye clasp. It is light weight, easy to wear and adds a unique and illuminating appeal to the simplest of garments.

13" from around the neck

Number Eight Turquoise - Discovered in 1925, the Number Eight turquoise mine is located in Eureka County, NV, but has not produced turquoise since 1976. The color of Number Eight varies from light blue, blue with shades of green, to a beautiful dark blue. It is found with black, golden, red or brown matrix. The classic look of Number Eight is light blue with a golden brown spiderweb matrix. Today Number Eight turquoise is one of the most valuable stones that can be collected and is a beautiful addition to an piece of jewelry.

Sue DiMaio was
a prominent and instrumental Native American art dealer. In the early 1970's she was one of the first dealers to represent Charles Loloma, Fritz Shcolder and R.C. Gorman. She had a gallery in San Juan Capistrano called, 'Gallery Capistrano'.

Number Eight Turquoise Three Strand
Nugget Necklace