Percy Reano Multi-Strand Heishi "Chiclet" Necklace


Percy Reano Multi-Strand Heishi "Chiclet" Necklace
This dramatic jet stone and natural turquoise multi-strand heishi "chiclet" necklace was crafted by Percy Reano, from the celebrated Santo Domingo Pueblo. Strung with durable nylon cord and secured with a silver hook and eye clasp, every bead has been hand-carved and hand-drilled to create this sleek and agile statement piece.
13" from around the neck

Jet Stone - Jet is a type of lignite mined around the Acoma Pueblo region. Jet is a gemstone with an organic origin, derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure. When polished it has a charmingly, silky glow.

The Santo Domingo Pueblo is located near the original Cerrillos turquoise mines, and the people have a distinguished history of jewelry making. Santo Domingo jewelry is prized by collectors for its clean, modern look, yet they use many techniques and styles similar to their Anasazi ancestors from a millennium ago. Authentic Santo Domingo jewelry is highly coveted, and Percy Reano is among the premier bead makers of Santo Domingo using only traditional methods. The Reano family itself is celebrated for producing fine bead work and mosaic inlay jewelry.

Multi-Strand Heishi "Chiclet" Necklace
Percy Reano