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Rhett Lynch

Inspired by the exhilaration of Mexican bull fighting and the passion of Picasso's flamboyant lifestyle, award-winning Navajo artist Rhett Lynch (b.1959) paints with a delightful vivacity. Vibrant and spiritual, his paintings have captured the imaginations of collectors worldwide; to view one of Lynch's paintings is to be drawn into a world of ever-deepening color and mystical multi meaning.

Over more than thirty years as a professional artist, Lynch has found expression in a variety of mediums, from hand-woven tapestries to sculpture, short films to drawings and most notably in award-winning paintings. He has focused on a broad range of subject matter, depicted in realistic as well as abstract manner: from the human form to animals, landscapes, icons, archetypes, myth, and legend – subjects whimsical to mystical. Lynch refers to his work as a visual journal, recording his experiences as a tourist of life. He draws from the well of his Indigenous heritage and his work is a testament to the deeply powerful symbols found there; images conveying a universal message which crosses all cultural boundaries. Although varying greatly in medium and subject matter, all of Rhett’s work contains a common thread: intensity of color and multifaceted intent. His paintings are deeply personal, complex and moving, sometimes disturbingly so, providing an interactive experience provoking thought, evoking emotion, and leaving a lasting imprint on the psyche.