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Olin Tsingine
Hopi/Navajo Silversmith

Olin Tsingine specializes in seeking high grade natural turquoise in rough form to cut for his own pieces. In this way he executes his designs intuitively from start to finish. He favors Bisbee turquoise from Arizona, his home state. Through tufa and sandcast methods he creates collectible pieces in both traditional and modern styles.

The jewelry Olin creates is influenced by both Hopi and Navajo traditions. Growing up in Tuba City, Arizona, he was an hour away from First Mesa, where he was influenced by famous potters, basket weavers, and the Katsina dances. He was also near the sheep camp in Coppermine where he learned to calf rope, brand cattle, and herd sheep.

Olin began his career in silversmithing by purchasing and selling old pawn jewelry. He had a growing collection of broken jewelry that he took it upon himself to fix. After taking his first silversmithing course, he felt a real connection to the art form. He began going to shows and asking various jewelers for advice in trade for coral and turquoise. He befriended and studied under artists including Edison Cummings, Cody Sanderson, and Steve LaRance and Marion Denipah. For him, it's all about the process of learning and continuing to improve his craft. He recently won Best of Class in the jewelry division at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market in Phoenix.