Sky Serpent Cuff by Kristen Dorsey


Sky Serpent Cuff by Kristen Dorsey

Chickasaw jeweler Kristen Dorsey designed this Sky Serpent cuff as part of her Schokmalli' Collection, which explores celestial themes within Chickasaw culture. Schokmalli' means lightening in Chickasaw, and the sky serpent is a powerful deity who controls lightening, wind, and rain. The sky serpent is an important Southeastern being of the upperworld and can be found carved into ancient shell jewelry. Dorsey shaped this piece using ancient relief sculpture techniques, forming it into a cloud-like formation with individually textured scales that elegantly wrap around this wrist.

The cuff is composed of black rhodium over bronze and is adjustable to fit most wrists.

Measures 2 ½" wide and is approximately 6" around inside plus ¾" opening. If you have questions about sizing, please contact us. Bracelet currently fits about 6 ¼" wrist.

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Sky Serpent Cuff
Kristen Dorsey