Hatchet Women Ring by Kristen Dorsey


Hatchet Women Ring by Kristen Dorsey

Chickasaw jeweler Kristen Dorsey will be debuting her Hatchet Women Collection at the gallery May 5-6.

If you are interested in this new ring design, please contact us to be notified as soon as it arrives.

More from the artist on her collection:

The Hatchet Women Collection: Indigenous Resistance since 1736
This collection tells the story of how Chickasaw women defended their villages from the French in the 1730s. First hand accounts by French commanders describe their many failures to attack Chickasaw villages in our ancestral southeastern homelands. Much credit can be given to the women who were trained in combat and who wielded hatchets. They were called “hatchet women” by the French, and gained a reputation as unconquerable.
As a Jewelry artist descended from these women, this story spoke to me because it echoes the current Indigenous-female- led movement for clean water and environmental justice. Just as my ancestors fiercely defended our land and children from invaders, so must our women today defend the land against fossil fuel corporations. Through my hatchet-adorned designs, I celebrate the strength of my ancestors and of all women today.

Hatchet Women Ring
Kristen Dorsey