Rose Gold Shield Cuff by Kristen Dorsey


Rose Gold Shield Cuff by Kristen Dorsey

Chickasaw jeweler Kristen Dorsey creates this dramatic shield cuff from sterling silver dipped in 24k gold and then finished with a plating of rose gold. The two layers of gold help to preserve the beauty of the rose gold for lasting wear.

The shield design is part of Dorsey's new Panther Woman collection which celebrates the strength and courage of women throughout history. Dorsey was inspired by the 16th century Chickasaw battle strategist Panther Woman whose attack plan helped drive the invading Spanish from Chickasaw territory. Exuding grace and power, the shield design represents how women are defenders of their families, communities and culture.

Bracelet can be shaped to fit most wearers. It measures 3 ¼" wide and is approximately 5 ½" around inside plus a 1" gap that can be easily adjusted.

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Rose Gold Shield Cuff
Kristen Dorsey