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Bobby Tewa

Born in 1948, Bobby Tewa (Bobby Darrell, Tewanoitewa) is an Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan)/Hopi Pueblo silversmith known for his award winning mosaic inlay and overlay jewelry.

He began making jewelry in 1974 as he learned from and eventually worked for the Santa Fe Associates Inc. as a silversmith.  It was not until the 1980s that Bobby began using his distinguishing hallmark consisting of his name “B Tewa” stamped in a unique script.  Having also served in the U.S. Marine Corps, Bobby has had his work exhibited in various markets, books, and collections.  Most notably, one of Bobby’s overlaid turquoise stone-set cuffs has been part of the collection at the Smithsonian National Museum of The American Indian in Washington D.C. since 1985.