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Carol Krena

Carol Krena crafts jewelry that inspires awe at the extraordinary beauty the earth has to offer. Magnificent natural formations of blood red coral reach out from their bezels on expertly sculpted sterling silver cuff bracelets. Striking cabochons of cool, midnight-blue lapis and explosive opal, seemingly engaged in conversation about the harmony of water and fire form the face of a gold ring. The sublimeness of an insect is realized with intricately formed silver and gold antennae and a body of dazzling natural stones.

Born in 1954 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Krena had artistic leanings even in her childhood. With talent, determination, and an intuitive sense of how to best showcase natural materials, she taught herself to make jewelry. Her first pieces, soulful sandcast silver bracelets inlaid with semi-precious stones, were instantly coveted. She handcrafts each one of a kind piece with careful consideration for how it will feel on the wearer’s body.

Krena’s mastery of complex, sophisticated lapidary and metalsmithing techniques has led to an enthusiastic following and landed her works in museums and prestigious private collections worldwide.

"I strive to keep my jewelry art pieces, but they shouldn't just be art – they should be comfortable and become a part of the person who wears them."