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Eveli Sabatie

Eveli Sabatie was born in Algeria in 1940, was raised in Morocco, and educated in Paris.
In 1968, she moved to San Francisco where she met a traditional Hopi man who invited her to a dance at the Third Mesa.
There, she met the legendary jeweler Charles Loloma. They collaborated for the next four and a half years creating some of the most innovative works of his career.
After leaving Hopi Nation, she continued to create her exceptional original designs for the next twenty four years.
She retired in the late 90’s and now teaches yoga in Tucson Arizona. Her masterpieces are sought after by collectors from around the world.

“Every moment of every day is different! So how can you repeat? The moment you repeat you kill something. You’re not really in what’s happening right now. Every material is different, every hour is different, my mood is different every day.”