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Jimmy Poyer

Born in 1954 and raised near Red Mesa, south of the Four Corners, Jimmy Poyer grew up in a traditional Navajo family that helped craft his strong sense of values.

After attending high school in Shiprock and spending a few semesters at BYU and University of New Mexico, he felt a calling for travel and music and began touring the country with his band as the lead guitarist and vocalist.  After nearly two decades of music and travel, Jimmy began to apprentice under renowned jeweler Jimmie Harrison, who was also a member of his band.  After two years of honing his inlay skills, Jimmy began making and selling his own pieces across the country in fine galleries and museum shops.

Jimmy makes each of his pieces by hand using sheet silver, wire, and natural stones.  Though he enjoys turquoise, he is highly fascinated by the patterns and colors from shells, malachite, jet, choral, sugilite, lapis, and other semi-precious stones.  By experimenting with different color combinations, Jimmy strives to create a contemporary look with all natural materials.  Jimmy currently lives with his wife Teresa and their six children in Farmington, New Mexico.