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Kristen Dorsey

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kristen Dorsey defines her work as “wearable sculpture” that incorporates storytelling of Chickasaw history and material culture. Inspired by Mississippian-era jewelry pieces, copper sculpture from Moundville and shell carving from the Southeast, her work is grounded in her ability to connect and understand aspects of her people’s history. According to Dorsey, “working with these processes, materials, and imagery connects me to my ancestors. I firmly believe that culture is never lost, but rather forgotten, and creating art is a way to remember.”

While studying at Tufts University, Dorsey concentrated on Native studies. Dorsey’s work has earned numerous honors and is currently featured in the major traveling exhibition and accompanying book “Native Fashion Now.”

Kristen Dorsey continually strives to maintain environmentally friendly and ethical manufacturing practices. All pieces are built by hand using conflict-free natural gemstones and recycled metals.

“I believe that jewelry is a sacred narrative. Jewelry captures a moment of significance for the wearer, it marks important transitions in life, it symbolizes relationships with one another, with one’s community, with one’s cultural identity, with one’s spirituality.”