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Mary Lovato

Mary Lovato was born into the Corn Clan in 1936 and grew up with her parents in Santo Domingo, NM., where she was taught traditional values of the Pueblo tribe. For thousands of years the Santa Domingo people had trade-routes for seashells against the gulf of California and Pacific ocean, to create their traditional pieces with turquoise and heishi beads. Jewelry was worn in all their dances which is why Mary kept their traditional teachings alive through her work today.

During the late 1950s Mary re-introduced stone-in-shell mosaics, and throughout the years she has added contemporary pieces like silver, turquoise, pipestone, serpentine, coral, and mother of pearl into her work which made a significant impact to her life by becoming the most famous for her earring and pendant inlays, shellwork, cast, and stamp-work.

Mary created a successful life through her artful jewelry pieces, as well as raising her five children in her Santo Domingo home outside of Albuquerque.

We experience her pieces with full adoration she feels during the creation process. She explains that she prays with intent and bestows sincere positivity to anyone who receives her pieces- that they may have strength and live a happy life.