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Ray Tsalate

Ray Tsalate is an artist from Zuni Pueblo who creates Zuni fetish carvings, Zuni fetish jewelry and sculptures mostly carved of elk antler. Many of his art pieces are incised and inlaid with jewelry quality inlay or adorned with handmade arrow points and bundled with polished natural stones, shells, and corals. His direct experience as an apprentice for Troy Sice allowed him to develop and perfect his own technique under the guidance of his mentor.

During his tenure, he began challenging himself with increasingly difficult projects and emerged an award-winning artist in his own right, capable of seamlessly tying together traditional and contemporary styles into his hand carved works of art.

He has drawn the attention of various publications and prominent art collectors by receiving coveted awards from prestigious juried art shows such as The Santa Fe Indian Market and The Heard Museum Art Fair & Market. Other awards include the Wolfus Fellowship (Wheelwright Museum- Santa Fe, NM) and the Allan Houser Award (Heard Museum- Phoenix, AZ).

Many of his prize-winning pieces are in permanent and private collections.