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Shawn Bluejacket

Shawn Bluejacket (b.1962) has used personal experience and an intuitive sense of design to create highly unique and creative pieces. Of Loyal Shawnee heritage, Shawn was raised in New Zealand, attended university in California, and furthered her studies in Santa Fe.

With influences ranging from classical antiquities to the Dada art movement, Bluejacket creates unconventional jewelry often with an undercurrent of whimsy. She has perfected the technique of hollow form construction, creating a sense of architectural depth without adding weight for the wearer. Her use of luxurious brushed silver and gold is often contrasted with invigorating colors and vibrant, unexpected stone combinations. If unusual stones are one of Bluejacket’s hallmarks, asymmetry is also a defining characteristic. Her artistry highlights forms that are full of motion and confidence, with a sense of spontaneity.

Bluejacket’s work simultaneously recalls ancient times and anticipates the future. Her work is layered with intentions, reminding us of the similarities between cultural aesthetics, periods in history, and the desire in all of us to adorn ourselves. Among her artistic aims is that someone will personally identify with one of her works. “I really love it when I hear ‘this has a tribal feel, but I don’t know from where’ or ‘it’s whimsical’ or ‘it speaks to me.’ That always reaches me. If someone finds some way to identify with it, that is what is most important.”

"When I first went to the Institute of American Indian Art, in Santa Fe, I decided not to do what everyone else did – I had no interest in silver and turquoise. I thought I'm going to do something that is more from my background'... otherwise, it wouldn't have been true."