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Supersmith Inc.

Supersmith Inc, also known as David Rosales Designs “Contemporary Designs, Traditionally Made,” located in Gallup, New Mexico, consists of several extremely talented Native American craftspeople from the Navajo and Zuni tribe.  In 1997, David Rosales, founded Supersmith Inc along with his cousin, John Delgado.  What started as a small operation in his garage, has grown to offer one of the highest selections of contemporary Native American jewelry in the Southwest.

Born and raised in Gallup, NM, David was trained as a mechanic and was offered an opportunity to accept a managing job at a jewelry company, which changed his life completely.  After discovering his own creativity and design ability, and the partnership with his cousin, John Delgado, Supersmith Inc was born.

Most commonly known for beautiful, clean inlay work and stunning color combinations, their new tagline is “Contemporary Designs, Traditionally Made.”  Working from an old Coors warehouse, artists work within three different departments which include a lost-wax casting department, an inlay department, and a finishing department.  The end results are one of hand-crafted beauty from talented artists of all ages.

Keeping with family traditions, David’s daughter, Sheree, joined the team in 2016.  Today Supersmith employs approximately forty employees who continue to produce hand-crafted contemporary jewelry with continually evolving designs and color combinations to keep up with current trends and popularity.  Supersmith strives to keep jewelry making alive by training and encouraging young generations of artists.

Supersmith Inc founder David Rosales