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Toni Roller

Toni Roller was born May 29,1935 into the Santa Clara Pueblo tribe, and is the daughter of Margeret Tafoya, and the granddaughter to the famous Sara Fina Tafoya. Like Margeret, Toni became an accomplished pottery maker by cultivating the teachings from her mother since she was a little girl, and has since passed down her own talents to her sons Jeff Roller, Cliff Roller, and Tim Roller.

Coming from a line of infamous matriarchs, Toni initiated her own work in the 1960s which she continues today as she maintains creating pottery in the Pueblos traditional ways just as her ancestors have done for centuries, by being provided the remedies from mother earth. The material used is all natural including firing the clay in outdoor fires, as it produces the pottery into profound designs upon the polished clay finishes.

The perfectionist that Toni has described herself as has positively been presented through her body of pottery work, which has countless awards from Santa Fe Indian Market, Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonials, New Mexico State Fair and many more.