Charles Lovato Santo Domingo Fine Graduating Multi-Strand Heishi Necklace with Pendant


This vintage Santo Domingo multi-strand necklace by Charles Lovato exhibits fine heishi beads graduating into a rhythmic pattern of colors, mocked by a consensual unbiased pendant. Known for being an innovator of jewelry design, this piece is an intelligently attractive addition to Charles’ coveted work. The soothing palate of earthly olive shell, ivory-white clam shell and baby blue turquoise heishi beads invites calm intrigue placated with the handsomely ironic ‘color wheel’ pendant copying the same natural materials. The pendant is easily removable, giving this stunning accessory the advantage of multiple options. The beautiful heishi necklace does not need the pendant, nor does the pendant need the necklace; they are equally beautiful independently and together.

Charles Lovato (1937-1987 Santo Domingo) was a painter, ceramist, sculptor, poet and jeweler who was introduced to art by helping his grandmother, potter Monica Silva, decorate her pottery when he was a young child. As a jeweler, Lovato is best known for his innovative fine heishi work, and combining untraditional materials such as: gold and lapis with traditional materials such as: turquoise, white clam shell and olive shell.


21″ around the neck

5/8″ diameter of pendant


In stock

Heishi - Santo Domingo word meaning “shell” were traditionally small, handmade beads of natural material (originally shell). The Santo Domingo Pueblo carvers are the most proficient heishi producers. The laborious process involves slicing the material (shell, stone, coral) into thin strips and then cutting the strips into small squares, after which holes are drilled through the center. The rough beads are then strung together and smoothed by holding the string against a turning stone wheel. In the process, 60 – 70% of the original material is lost.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in