Greg Lewis Ingot Silver Traditional Isleta Cross Necklace


This exquisite ingot silver double bar Isleta cross necklace by Greg Lewis possesses an indescribable presence. The hand-wrought silver beads are expertly crafted separating the identical small cross pendants with a reliable rhythm.  The large Isleta Cross (otherwise known as a Pueblo cross) wears a heavy ‘heart of the dragonfly’ bringing the accumulated gravity of this accessory to a well executed finish.

The heart at the bottom of the cross is said to be the heart of the dragonfly.

Greg Lewis prides himself in keeping “the old style art” alive after four generations. “I enjoy showing people my methods because they reflect the traditional ways my grandfather taught me. It is very important that these time-honored skills be kept in the family and passed on to future generations.”


26″ around the neck

3  1/2″ length of Isleta Cross

1  3/4″ width of Isleta Cross

1  1/2″ length of small cross pendants



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The Isleta Cross is a very old Pueblo design said to have originated from the Moors and Spaniards. To the Pueblo Indians the double bar cross resembled the dragonfly and they adopted it has their own spiritual symbol. The dragonfly inspires creativity and assists on the path of discovery. It strips away the negative energies that hold one back, and helps to achieve ones ambitions. The dragonfly is the keeper of dreams, the energy within that sees all of our true potential and ability.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in