Hopi Belt Buckle


Sterling silver Hopi belt buckle, carved overlay with a textured and oxidized background highlighting the intricate design details. Hallmarked Kópavi-Fluteplayer and artist B G

2 5/16″ long x 1 5/16 wide
1″ wide belt bar

“Each piece created for Kópavi takes form within the home of the Hopi craftsman. Using materials provided by Kópavi, the artists draw upon Hopi environment, ceremonial life and ancient spiritual beliefs for their unique designs. The Kópavi-Fluteplayer hallmark is an original design by Hopi Bear Clan member Delbridge Honanie. Both the hallmark of the Hopi Silversmith and the Kópavi-Fluteplayer are stamped in each piece of jewelry that is made for Kópavi and is a guarantee of authentic handcrafted Hopi Native American jewelry.” – Kópavi

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