Joe H. Quintana Modernist Silver Bolo Tie with Coral and Turquoise on Braided Leather


This modernist sterling silver bolo tie on braided leather by cherished artist Joe H. Quintana features perceptive geometric designs on trapezoidal bolo adorned with central settings of bright blue natural turquoise and richly red Mediterranean coral. Sleek tapered tips finish this uniquely intriguing accessory, a perfect blend of distinguished composition and practical allure.

Following is an excerpt from ‘Master in Metal’ by Irma Bailey.  “At times, Joes would display an almost childlike innocence about people, and he seemed to have an abounding faith in them and the future. He was amused by much of what people were doing in the late 1960’s and seemed to spend a lot of time trying to understand his fellow man. He was also a very spiritual man, and on this point he was very private. As for his work, he took great delight in the joy and happiness others found in the things he made. He was once asked how he came up with his designs, and he replied that they came to him almost every night in his dreams.”


2   3/4″ length of bolo

1   3/4″ width of bolo

40″ braided leather


In stock

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in