Kathleen Collateta Sandia Wedding Vase


Wedding vase by K. Collateta, Hopi-Tewa

Approx 8 1/2″ tall x 6″ wide

Kathleen Collateta Sandia, also signs K. Collateta. Active from 1975-present: black and red on yellow seed jars and vases, black and red on white jars, wedding vases, bowls. Grand daughter in law of Sara Collateta, Favorite designs include: bird, rain, clouds, Mudheads, feathers, parrot, Polik Mana Butterfly Maiden, Dawa-Sun Kachina. Born in 1969, Kathleen Collateta is a member of the Sun Clan at Jemez Pueblo. Her mother, Antonita Collateta, is from Jemez and well known for her traditional embroidery on dance costumes. Her father, Tom Collateta Sr. is Hopi-Tewa and a well known Kachina carver from First Mesa. Kathleen makes her living as a potter, working with her husband Adrian Sandia at Jemez Pueblo. They are also teaching their children to make pottery the traditional way.

Beginning in 1985, Kathleen began learning from her grandmother, Sarah Collateta, who showed her the intricacies of many ancient Jemez designs as well as techniques for drawing and painting them. Kathleen taught herself to mold and shape her pots in many different styles which she hand coils of clay she digs at Hopi. She paints with natural pigments: the black paint is made from boiled-down wild spinach mixed with a black rock she grinds to powder. She also fires her pottery outdoors in the traditional way.

Her favorite design is the parrot, which represents male and female (groom and bride) and is usually enhanced with the feather designs which represent all birds. “The birds take our prayers up to the higher spirit,” she says.

Kathleen tells us she loves to make pottery: it makes her happy to know that someone will have a piece of hers in their home as a valued possession.
(Source: Museum of Northern Arizona)

She was published in the summer 1995 edition of The Messenger (Wheelwright Museum) and featured in Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artists (Schaaf). Kathleen won Best of Show at New Mexico State Fair in 2004. ( Source: Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery)


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