Nick and Me-Wee Rosetta 18″ Silver Heishi Necklace


Sterling silver heishi necklace by Nick and Me-Wee Rosetta, Santo Domingo Pueblo

18″ long
2mm heishi beads

The Santo Domingo Pueblo Indians from New Mexico have been the sole producers of fine heishi necklaces since prehistoric times. The process used to change a rough stone into a thread-like necklace is complicated and lengthy. The stones are first freed of impurities and then drilled, shaped, ground and polished with fine sand abrasives and leather. The obvious intricacy involved in the creation of heishi necklaces, bracelets and earrings enhances their grace and beauty. Nick learned from his parents Ray and Mary Rosetta, Nick’s wife Me-Wee learned from her grandfather, Tomasito Tenorio.

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