Vintage Zuni Leo Poblano Multi-Stone Horned Antelope Pin


Circa 1940’s, this beautiful vintage Zuni pin by acclaimed artist Leo Poblano represents the horned antelope kachina in a colorful multi-stone arrangement. The form takes shape with a combination of: clamshell, spondylus shell, natural turquoise and jet. A bridge from the spiritual world to the material world, the horned antelope kachina serves as a call for more rain and more numbers for the hunt. Born in 1905, Leo Poblano was a sculptor and mosaic worker, and a veteran of WWII. He taught himself to carve using hand tools, and became an accomplished lapidary artist. Leo was one of the first artists to use ‘dot inlay’ as a decorative element in his designs, and his work is recognized for it’s intimate feel and unique character.


3″ length

2″ width


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