Vintage Zuni Rainbow Man Ring with Coral


Vintage Zuni Rainbow Man ring set with an intricate mosaic inlay of turquoise, jet, white shell, orange spiny oyster shell, orange and red coral in silver with bead details.

Size 7.5
1 3/4″ length
1 1/8″ width

The Rainbow Man, also referred to as the Rainbow Dancer, is a sacred Zuni Indian guardian spirit identified with the life giving summer rains and the colors of the rainbow after the rain. Although this figure is not a Kachina, he is very important in Zuni traditions, culture and society. The Rainbow Man was one of the first figures used in traditional Zuni Indian mosaic inlay jewelry; artists began creating jewelry featuring the Rainbow Man dating back to the 1920’s. The Rainbow figure is most often depicted with an arched or curved back resembling the shape of the rainbow and worn horizontally.

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