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The Team

John Krena
Owner & Founder

Abound with infectious enthusiasm and passion, he has galvanized Four Winds Gallery into an international leader in Native American art and culture.

Carol Krena
Resident Metalsmith Artist

The resident metalsmith since ’74.
Our “First Lady” is also responsible for trying to keep John in line.

Jody Vignale

The glue that has held it all together since day one.
He keeps us organized and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Evan Sanders
Creative Director
The artist behind the lens.
Who knew that someone would match John’s energy and enthusiasm?
Theresa Riley
Sales Manager

The embodiment of Pittsburgh – hard-working, totally loyal, with a huge heart!

Cara Hileman
Sales Associate

Our newest team member with an artistic hand, Cara brings the missing link to the Four Winds Gallery success.

Hannah Fisher
Sales Associate

A beloved family friend since she was three. She took a summer job after graduating from high school in 2011, and the rest is history!

Mariela Antunes
Graphic & Web Designer
The innovative force behind our graphic design – international flair and technical excellence in one package.