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John has just returned from his 32nd Santa Fe Indian Market and was amazed at the overall quality and depth of the work. In addition to the pieces by Four Winds established designers, John purchased work from several young, up and coming artists who he felt were doing innovative and modern work that is still linked to their native roots. John was buying from Eileen Rosetta, whose work is features at the top, and looked into the next booth and saw Vickie Tortalita , a jeweler that John had done business with years ago and lost touch with. Eileen, Vickie’s daughter, was a little girl then, running around the market and now is a jeweler in her own right.

Alex Sanchez, whose work is featured below Eileen’s, is a new Navajo jeweler that we purchased from this year. his work is a bit more traditional and stunningly done. The prices are very modest as well. Stop by the gallery to see more by these artists or give us a call at 421-682-5092. You can always purchase by phone at Four Winds.