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We are pleased to announce the addition of jewelry by Keri Ataumbi to our gallery. Keri’s says of her work that it “is in the unique category of wearable art. In creating this type of jewelry the artist develops a concept and design, addresses the relationship between object and the body and thus engages in and deepens the discussion of fine art. My jewelry falls into the category of ‘wearable art’ as it has a conceptual narrative exploration at its core. This enquiry happens through an exploration of imagery and materials to create a small sculpture complete upon its own, as well as worn on the body. Informed by current visual culture, the history and theory of modern art and my personal aesthetic, my goal is to create work that strives to embrace contemporary jewelry making strategies by applying artistic methodologies that are different from traditional design processes. Different in that their dynamic comes from a content-based enquiry rather than ‘tried and true’ design, marketability or a traditional form.”

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