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This years 33rd Santa Fe Indian Market was a great success for our gallery. We wanted to focus on picking up new artists that reflect contemporary directions in Native American Jewelry and we succeeded. Maria Samora, Taos Pueblo, Fritz Casuse, Navajo and Pat Pruitt, Laguna Pueblo are all extremely talented artists who have received wide recognition for their skill and design.
We purchased several necklaces, earrings bracelets and a ring of Maria’s. Her work has very organic and geometric forms and she uses texture and patinas to show the depth on the surface of her work. She works in both gold and silver with diamonds as accents in some pieces. Her work is quite elegant.
Fritz’s work is characterized by amazing structure and engineering.  His unique designs are put together with great skill that create light yet strong jewelry with beautiful textures and stones. The are like jewelry sculptures.
Pat’s work is bold and modern in design yet highly wearable. He uses stainless steel which he carves, combines with stone and sandwiches with silver. It is stunning in it’s minimalism and suitable for both men and women.
Please call the gallery for more information on additional work not shown here and keep checking our website for this and other new work coming soon.