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Four Winds is excited to present the work of our longtime friend, local artist Michelle Browne. Michelle recently returned from China where she collaborated with master printmakers at the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base to create the two silkscreen prints and lithograph on display in the gallery. The limited edition prints are inspired by Michelle’s many years as a serious collector of Southwestern Native American pottery.
The dynamic designs of New Mexico’s Acoma Pueblo are reinterpreted here on paper as evidenced in the interlocking geometrics, hatched lines and traditional nature-inspired motifs. Michelle’s inspiration stems not only from the striking Pueblo iconography but also from the humanity of the potters, themselves: inspired by their ancestors, using age-old, hand-building techniques with clay and pigments gathered from the earth.
While “Containing the Spirit” and “Double Ollas” reference the legacy of Native American pottery making, in “Beneath the Surface” Michelle allows us to journey with her into her own depths.
We hope you will stop in to view these remarkable prints.

Prices on request