Albert Lee

Born in the 1980’s, Albert Lee is a sixth generation Navajo jewelry who was inspired and mentored by his father, Alfred Lee Sr.  Located in Shiprock , New Mexico, Albert specializes in high grade, rare turquoise and semi-precious stones set in heavy gauge sterling silver and/or gold.  His Navajo jewelry includes everything from stunning cuffs, with and without stones, to ten strand necklaces.  His talent for blending traditional with contemporary Navajo designs is astounding.

Albert’s process starts with finding the finest turquoise, spiny oyster shell, coral, lapis and sugilite and pairs them with high quality silver and gold settings.  Hand stamped and carved details are added to many pieces.  His ability to balance the weight of his jewelry, makes his collection very wearable and comfortable.  Catching the eye of many, his jewelry was even featured in Ralph Lauren ads.

Albert Lee is always a pleasure to speak with and a very humble soul.  He continues to carry on his family’s traditions and business proudly with his dog, Cooper, by his side.  If you are looking for a stunning statement piece of jewelry with eye catching appeal, a piece of Albert Lee jewelry would be a great addition to your collection.