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Arla Lucia

Arla Lucia, born in 1985, is an enrolled citizen of the Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma. Raised in southern Colorado, like her mother before her, without a direct connection to her tribal stories, material culture, or community, Arla decided to pursue Haudensosaunee raised bead embroidery as a vehicle to make her way home to her traditions. It has began the lifelong process of healing for her family and reconnecting to traditions for future generations. In her culture beading is an act of healing with the very first wampum beads having been strung together as an offering that brought the Haudenosaunee people together in peace.

She is a “self-learning” artist who reverse engineers the art by dissecting historical photos and studying grandmother pieces, as well as other artists’ work, because she did not know anyone to teach her. She beads her dreams and stitches stories of her known universe that explore and celebrate indigeneity.

"The collection is inspired by the energy one feels when they know they have limitless potential. It is represented in nature as a Super Bloom. Each piece is bright and wild and can grow in unexpected ways, without boundaries."