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Jeannette Dale

Jeanette Dale was born in Shiprock New Mexico in 1949, and was born into the Navajo tribe (Red House Clan). She had learned Navajo silversmith work from her mother, and to this day she uses traditional designs in all her creative work.

In 1973 she was working at Fairchild Electronics Plant in Shiprock cutting computer chips with a diamond saw. She became one of the best and quickest at her job, but unfortunately one day the plant was shut down and she had lost her job. Though not too long afterwards she decided to get back into silversmith work, and over 40 years she has been one of the most sought out artists consumers have sought from all over the world.

Jeannette’s coral and turquoise bracelets stand out from most others due to the deep stamp work she creates and the significant shining silver that surrounds innate stones. She has won multiple awards, including the Gallup Intertribal ceremonial.