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Maria Samora

Maria Samora began to see jewelry as her passion after college when she immersed herself in an intensive course with a master goldsmith. She then embarked upon a rigorous apprenticeship with Phil Poirier, a world-renowned craftsman.

Her unique and captivating designs demand an intuitive approach to her materials, her inspiration coming from hands-on manipulation of the stones and metals, textures and patinas. Maria’s elegant jewelry showcases effortless geometries and fresh simplicity with an empowering appeal making her among the most sought-after Native American jewelers working today.

Maria is from Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.

“My designs appeal to the senses and come to life on the body. The purpose of my art is to accentuate the body and capture the movement of the human form, enhancing one's personal beauty and grace with sophistication and elegance.”