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Nocona Burgess

Nocona Burgess was born into one of the most notable Native American 
lineages as the great-great-grandson of Comanche Chief Quanah Parker. 
And though he grew up surrounded by traditional artists and their works,
 he found himself drawn to the image – and the tools – of the modern Indian.

“I go to a traditional dance and drive home in my truck. I like the contrast, the play for balance, the back and forth between the different aspects of my life,” Burgess says. 
He expresses this same contrast in his award-winning paintings, which blend painterly style with graphic compositions. By painting portraits and other traditional subjects in a contemporary style, he brings them into his sphere of relevancy.

With an emphasis on humanizing the Indian subject, Burgess has 
struck a chord with audiences worldwide.

"I try to humanize Native Americans, bring out their life experience and their spirit in my paintings."

Nocona Burgess