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Piki Wadsworth

Piki Wadsworth (b. April 25, 1980) is a Hopi jewelry maker, known for creating beautiful hand rolled turquoise beads into necklaces, earrings, and pendants.

Born on April 25, 1980 to renowned jewelry makers, Cheryl Yestewa and Glenn Wadsworth, she is the only one of their nine children to continue in their footsteps.  Piki was born on a Hopi reservation at 2nd Mesa, Arizona and began learning the art at the early age of 10 by helping her parents drill and string beads.

Her interest recently peaked again and started to branch out with her own designs with the help of her mother.  Only the finest turquoise and stones are used from mines such as Sleeping Beauty and Castle Dome.  Piki hand carves and polishes each piece to create the signature quality that her family has been producing for the past 35 years.

Today, Piki lives in California with her husband and two daughters, but still travels to Arizona to visit her family and sell her jewelry.