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Troy Sice

Troy Sice is an award-winning artist from the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. He is best known for his original Elk antler fetishes and sculptures. Each of his works of art is beautifully hand carved and executed with jewelry quality inlay. He is a self-taught visionary, most noted for pushing the boundaries between traditional and contemporary.

He is the first in his family of carvers to introduce unique Singing and Dancing Bears. His other works include Zuni Fetish jewelry and sculptures inspired by his Zuni culture and Zuni stories, as well as the famous Nativity Story.

His collective art catalog spans over 25+ years, consisting of countless art pieces, many of which have garnered top award ribbons and have been put in permanent/private collections by highly recognized museums and prominent art collectors. His success has been highlighted by numerous publications and museum exhibitions.

He is the grandson of George Haloo-CheeChee, the nephew to Miguel Haloo & Ramie Haloo, and the younger brother of Colvin Peina. His grandfather, George Maloo-CheeChee, was an influential figure in Zuni fetish carving history. He is among one of the early renown fetish carvers from the Zuni Pueblo. He originated his bird fetish necklaces and bird in-flight pendants during the introduction of Zuni fetishes in the 1930’s. His uncles Miguel & Ramie influenced by their father, started a new trend of fetish carvings during the 1970’s with their simple standing bears carved of Deer Antler. Colvin Peina, Troy’s older brother, later created his own style of corn maidens and added onto the family legacy.

As a third-generation artist, Troy is incorporating his new ideas and techniques with those of his predecessors, allowing his art to evolve and set new standards for fetish carvers and sculptors alike.