Large Navajo Silver Box with Inlaid Zuni One Horn Katsina


Artist: Once Known
Dimensions: 11 5/8”L x 8 3/8”W x 3”H
Tribe: Navajo/ Zuni
Stone: Multi-stone
Material: Silver
Price: $35,000.00

As seen in the Elegant Vessels: A century of southwest silver boxes book (Page 102 & 103)

Following the same basic design concept and decorative techniques seen in other examples in the collection, this box was fashioned at a scale large enough to accommodate the addition of a full-figure representation of a Zuni One Horn katsina. Executed in low relief, this carved-stone mosaic was previously thought to be the work of Leo Poblano. Subsequent research suggests that it is instead the work of Bruce Zuni, another skilled stone cutter at the Pueblo. This box was formerly part of the Druckman Collection.

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