Navajo Silver Box with Zuni Inlaid Dog and Bird Motif

Artist:Once Known
Dimensions: 7 1/8”L x 5 3/4”W x 3 1/2”H
Tribe: Navajo/ Zuni
Stone: Multi-stone
Material: Silver
Additional Info: Part of the C. G. Wallace Collection

As seen in Elegant Vessels: A century of southwest silver boxes (Page 90 & 91)

Elegant Vessels Book

This piece, undoubtedly commissioned for a duck hunter, features a carved-shell hunting dog pointing out its quarry that has been realistically rendered in low relief. Two mosaic mallards appear, out of harm’s way, at the lower left and upper right atop of this ornately stamped silver box. Although no information as to the identity of the carver accompanies this piece, it is likely the work of Leo and Daisy Poblano.

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